Prime Ribeye

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Check out our Prime Ribeye:

It’s not just any steak, it’s prime beef from Ontario, halal certified, and 100% local. This prime ribeye is all about great taste and quality you can trust. Perfect for steak lovers who want the best, without compromise. Enjoy a prime steak that’s as good for the community as it is for your taste buds.

Important Information:

We are delivering only FRESH meat.
We are NOT delivering meat from the counter.
Orders ALWAYS processed in delivery day.

How it Works:

Professional butcher cuts FRESH TO ORDER every time.
Each cut is VACUUM SEALED to preserve freshness.
We are using special INSULATED BAG that keeps temperature up to 12 hours.
We are putting ICE PACKS in each bag to make sure that your order will be delivered fresh.

Delivery Schedule:

We are offering next day delivery across GTA.
Order cutoff - 3 p.m.
You can schedule preferred date and time before checkout.

Delivery Details:

You will receive an Email/Text Message link to track your order.

Delivery Rates:

You need to have minimum order of $50 to qualify for delivery.
Delivery fee - $9.99.

We are supporting several payment methods: